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When you own Drip Swimwear, you can be confident that you are always ready for swimsuit season.
We know that all bodies are different and we want to celebrate those differences one wrap style at a time.
We want to provide you with an exclusive and designer fit that you feel confident in.
Our suit compliments your personal style without compromising quality.

Cayla Renee


Cayla Renee is a fashion designer striving to revolutionize the idea of the “perfect body.” Her life experiences showed her that confidence is the true essence of beauty, and now she wants women to embrace their bodies in the same way she does.


Born in Los Angeles, California, Cayla’s creative spirit led her to explore different career paths including history, art, and even business. But none of these paths allowed her to connect with other women at an intimate level, which is why she kept looking for a more significant enterprise.


After the disappointment of having to leave a swimsuit store empty handed, Cayla realized how little swimwear brands were doing to include women with different body shapes. She then decided to make a swimsuit that could adapt to any type of body, helping women feel more beautiful, sexy, and confident. Cayla had finally found her passion.


It has been several years since Cayla crafted her first Drip Swimwear swimsuit. She is now a full-time businesswoman looking to endorse positive body image through her playful and sassy designs. She wants to continue growing her brand into a household name and to start a non-profit organization focused on helping women discover their inner strength and self-worth.



Drip Swimwear has been featured in magazines like British Vogue, Alegria Magazine and Glamour magazine, and has had several branding opportunities with brands like D'usse, BET networks, VH1, Skinny Pop popcorn, Tidal music, and more! 

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